Score goals with Google during the World Cup (part 4 of 5)

Welcome to the fourth part of our World Cup blog series. Today, we’ll take a closer look at reaching your audience across devices. 

Is your website optimized for your mobile users? Throughout the World Cup, fans will be looking for great content, regardless of whether they’re viewing it from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. “In 2013, internet traffic from mobile devices surpassed traffic from desktop, and that figure is continuing to grow”*.

Today, approximately 60%** of online users are now multi screen users. In many instances, this means they’re online on social networks, news sites or mobile messaging apps while also watching TV. During live sporting events, this number grows further. Euro 2012 and the 2012 Olympics were good examples of this trend as illustrated below.
“Source: Smartadserver Blog - London Olympics 2012: The impressive Mobile Infographic” 
With this in mind, think about whether you should be preparing additional mobile-optimized content to share with your users during events like the World Cup, especially during the opening ceremony, key matches and the finals. Looking at how your users digest your content is important. If they receive a link on their smartphone but are unable to view the content because it’s not mobile-optimized, they’ll feel frustrated at the poor experience. On the other hand, If the user is delighted with the content and their first visit to your site is a positive experience, they’ll likely come back again and again. We recently shared some best practices on driving user engagement and loyalty through smart mobile site design - take a look and see if there’s any practices you can apply to your own site. If you haven’t created a mobile-friendly site yet and would like to outsource this, take a look at Google’s recommended vendors.

If you already have a mobile optimized site, don’t forget that you can grow your earnings potential by understanding which mobile ad sizes are most effective for you. Moreover, if you’ve created an app, use Google AdMob to monetise it and grow your earnings.

Check back tomorrow for the final post in our World Cup series, when we’ll be talking about growing your site with Google AdSense.

*Source: Morgan Stanley Research
** Source: GfK, March 2014, US and UK

Posted by Barbara Sarti - Adsense Specialist
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Referensi: Inside AdSense - Score goals with Google during the World Cup (part 4 of 5).