Score goals with Google during the World Cup (Part 1 of 5)

We’re fast approaching the biggest sporting event of the year and are excited to see which team will triumph. As World Cup fever takes hold, online activities are set to increase and you could potentially reach more users and advertisers as a result. We’ve created a five-part blog series that will run every day this week. The series will focus on how to make the most of this exciting seasonal event. We’ll look closely at how World Cup events can help benefit sports, news and travel sites.However the tips we’ll cover are universal and apply to most sites and sporting events.

To get us into the World Cup spirit, let’s drop by Italy to meet the team behind and get inspired. Created in 2004 as an online community, has grown as an online community. The site has even opened a cultural association and started a newspaper over the past few years. “It’s a completely non-profit project” says Sergio Massimo, one of the managers of the website.

“Now has about 25,000 page views a day and 12 people dedicated to writing content, creating press reports and managing relations with local radio and TV,” Sergio continues.

From 2005, NapoliSoccer began using Google solutions. "The role that AdSense plays is very important” says Sergio “since it allows us to cover more than a half of our costs. Moreover, 70% of our total revenue comes from AdSense."

"We started to use AdSense to secure revenue to cover the costs of our non-profit activities. AdSense was a natural choice that gave us a guarantee to keep our project alive."

Sergio explained that the ads are relevant and that when he doesn’t want to show certain types of ads, he uses the features available in the Ad review center.

"We are using a range of other Google products” Sergio tells us ”including Gmail, which is used by all of our copywriters. Fans can also follow us on our YouTube channel and on Google+. And Google Drive is very useful for sharing documents."

Sergio concludes by telling us that his on-going plans for the site include more integration with social media and launching a mobile app.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow where we’ll take a closer look at content creation and promotion.

Posted by Marta Lysiak - Inside AdSense Team
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