Learn how to earn money from your website with Optimizing AdSense

Publishers often tell us that they want to learn how to use AdSense but aren’t sure where to start or which resources are right for them. We’re changing that. Join us on May 20th in Optimizing AdSense, our first online course for AdSense publishers. The course puts all of our top optimization resources in one place, helping you understand what drives your revenue and how to make changes right in your account to make the most of your setup.

Each lesson in the course will focus on a specific AdSense topic that can help. By completing Optimizing AdSense, you’ll learn:

  • what drives AdSense revenue
  • strategies for boosting your RPM
  • how to improve your clickthrough rate, ad targeting, and coverage

Watch the lesson videos, follow the step-by-step walkthroughs, and complete the activities to practice what you learn. Also, take advantage of the course forum to connect with other publishers like you to see how they have used the course to earn money for their website. Publishers who complete the final assessment with an 80% or higher can also earn a certificate from the Google AdSense team.

Take the pre-assessment today to find out what to focus on when the course opens on May 20th.

Posted by Courtney Richardson - Optimizing AdSense Team
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