A new look for text ads on the Google Display Network

Users are consuming more and more web content across screens. Given this shift, we’re updating the design of our text ads to strengthen their performance and make them more consistent and easy to read across devices.

Our new text ads have been designed with better readability in mind, regardless of what device they’re being viewed from. We’ve introduced a new default color palette of blue and grey, making the ads easier to read for the user. We’ve also updated our default font to Roboto, designed for easier readability on mobile devices as well as desktop. With this change, we’ve aligned our text ad font with the web font we use on our Android OS.
160x600 (shown with multiple ads)
We've also made improvements to the ad call-to-action button by making the tap target size and position more user-friendly across devices.

Look out for our new text ads and tell us what you think of this redesign over on our AdSense+ page.

Posted by Clyde Li - AdSense Software Engineer
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