20(14) Publisher Stories: Google AdSense helps IoLeggol’Etichetta help consumers

As part of our ‘20(14) publisher stories’ blog series, every Monday we’ll introduce you to a publisher and share their success story. Read on to meet this week’s featured publisher, and feel free to share your own success story with us.

Raffaele Brogna is the creator of Ioleggoletichetta.it. Meaning ‘I read the label’ in english, the site is dedicated to consumer awareness and protection offering advice on how to get the right information from product labels and tips on saving money when shopping. As a social crowdsourcing project, the site has a large community following who regularly contribute and report on their own experiences and findings as consumers.

Alongside his wife, Raffaele looks after the day-to day operations as well as the broader strategy for the site. They decided to use AdSense at the outset to help cover running costs and considered the prompt payments offered by AdSense as a key influencer in their decision. They were quickly pleased with the results, in particular with the relevance of the ads displayed.

They also use Google Analytics to help identify the best placements for their ad units and to check on their overall ad unit performance. Today, revenue from Google AdSense covers the costs of running this project online. Looking ahead, Raffaele will continue partnering with Google AdSense to go even further in his quest to give Italian consumers the information they need to make informed decisions when shopping.

Posted by Suzy Headon - Inside AdSense Team
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