20(14) Publisher Stories: The future looks bright for Quehoroscopo.com

As part of our ‘20(14) publisher stories’ blog series, every Monday we’ll introduce you to a publisher and share their success story. Read on to meet this week’s featured publisher, and feel free to share your own success story with us.

Quehoroscopo.com, a leading Spanish horoscope and astrology site, was set up by Hugo Conde in 2007. Hugo is based out of Madrid and works with a team of tarot professionals, editors and designers to provide daily content to their many users.

Soon after launching, Hugo started looking for a simple and easy-to-use solution to generate income from his site that would allow him to continue focusing on creating new content and a positive user experience. Fast forward to today and AdSense represents 90% of total advertising revenue for Quehoroscopo.com.

To make sure Quehoroscopo.com is performing to its full potential, Hugo has tested a number of ad formats to find the best fit for his page. He also uses Google Analytics to understand what content performs best on the site.

Looking ahead, Hugo plans to grow his audience with new platforms including mobile.

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Posted by Suzy Headon - Inside AdSense Team
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