20(14) Publisher Stories: Memeburn find the right combination with Google

As part of our ‘20(14) publisher stories’ blog series, every Monday we’ll introduce you to a publisher and share their success story. Read on to meet this week’s featured publisher, and feel free to share your own success story with us.

Cape Town-based site memeburn.com is focused on technology and innovation coming out of emerging markets. The site receives over 350,000 unique visits each month and together with a number of sister-sites (including Gearburn, Ventureburn and Memejobs) employs a team of 28.

As the site’s revenue comes from many different online advertising streams, memeburn began using DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business to manages each source through one accessible tool. They also monetize their non-guaranteed inventory with AdSense, which is integrated with DFP. Owner Matthew Buckland tells us that this integration “provides a constant, reliable revenue stream”, with approximately 93% of the company’s ad impressions being served through DFP at any given time.
Given memeburn’s readers are broadly dispersed across the world, the dynamic allocation feature in DFP also helps them ensure the ads on their site are relevant to each local market. In addition to using DFP with AdSense for their desktop site, memeburn is partnering with Google in the expansion of their mobile presence, using AdSense exclusively on their mobile site.

Memeburn continues to focus on their existing sites as well as looking to expand their platforms with further sites in the future. They plan to continue partnering with DFP and AdSense to fuel future success. Matthew concludes that “in an era where there is so much digital noise, AdSense provides useful, relevant, quality content. You can’t put a price on that.”

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Posted by Suzy Headon - Inside AdSense Team
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