Making it easier to manage pages on your blog

Adding pages to your blog can be a great way to organize content - like ‘About me’ or ‘Advertise’ sections. To make managing pages easier, we redesigned the ‘Pages’ tab in the Blogger dashboard to make it look and feel more like something you’re already familiar with: managing posts.

With the new design, you can:

  • View important details about your pages like view count and comments
  • Manage multiple pages at once with new selection tools
  • Easily see whether pages are in draft, imported, or published states

Managing the Pages Widgets

Managing the Pages Widgets for your blog is now done through the Layouts UI. Multiple Pages Widgets can be added, if you want different pages linked to from different areas of the layout.

  • For a Horizontal list, add a Pages Widget under the Header (e.g. "Navigation Pages" below)
  • For a Vertical list, add a Pages Widget to a side column (e.g. "External Pages" below)

Happy blogging!

Posted by Cal Smith and Katrina Le

Referensi: Blogger Buzz - Making it easier to manage pages on your blog.