20(14) Publisher Stories: Lbo.lk capitalize on Google Analytics insights to grow revenue

As part of our ‘20(14) publisher stories’ blog series, every Monday we’ll introduce you to a publisher and share their success story. Read on to meet this week’s featured publisher, and feel free to share your own success story with us.

Lbo.lk is a Sri Lankan English-language business and economy portal providing news and analysis to a worldwide audience since 2000. “LBO educates the business community, policy makers and general public on the implications of the monetary and fiscal policy and economic challenges,” says Lakshaman Bandaranayake who founded LBO (Lanka Business Online).

“A strong relationship with Google is key to achieving our growth strategy,” says Lakshaman. With the goal to accelerate AdSense performance and invigorate revenue growth across channels, Lbo.lk collaborated with Google to optimize their web design.

By making some simple changes, Lbo.lk were able to increase their revenue and user engagement. These changes included using the In-Page Analytics report from Google Analytics to inform site layout decisions. They also replaced low-performing ad units with global standard ad formats to cater for their global audience.

In the 14 weeks following the redesign, page views increased 3.4X and clicks increased 2X. Placing globally popular ad formats in optimal locations also helped LBO scalably earn from their channels, with AdSense earnings growing 2.5X.

Building on the success of these initial changes, LBO has set new business goals for the coming year, and these include more substantial site modifications. With the additional revenue earned, LBO also plans to expand its editorial staff. Lakshaman concludes “If we didn’t use AdSense, we would be losing out on revenue”.

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Posted by Catherine Candano - Inside AdSense Team
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